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Worship has Content, Structure, and Style

All worship has CONTENT, STRUCTURE, and STYLE:

CONTENT – this should not and cannot change. “For worship to be biblical and Christian, the story of God’s redemption and salvation must be its content. Otherwise it ceases to be Christian worship.” (Robert E. Webber)

STRUCTURE – this may change. Robert E. Webber suggests a fourfold structure:

  1. Gathering – the gathering of God’s people for worship (includes fellowship, congregational singing, welcome, announcements, etc.), prepares the people to hear the Word

  2. Word – the reading and preaching of God’s Word

  3. Table (or alternative Thanksgiving) – a response to God’s Word, remembering and giving thanks (usually the Lord’s Supper, but can also be a time of response involving singing, an altar call, etc.)

  4. Sending – go forth to love and serve the Lord

STYLE – this is ever-changing. Unfortunately, this is where most of the battles are usually fought, but it is really the least important aspect of worship. The style of our worship should be relative to the culture, generation and preferences of the church.

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