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This unique resource is the published version of my doctoral thesis, completed in 2008, at the Robert E. Webber Institute for Worship Studies, in Orange Park, Florida. To my knowledge, there are no other published books that specifically address this particular subject.

The Biblical Foundations of Instrumental Music in Worship: Four Pillars

ISBN: 978-1-4327-1191-7

The overwhelming majority of Christian churches around the United States consider the use of musical instruments to be a necessary part of their weekly worship services, yet many do not understand the biblical basis for that practice. This book explores the biblical foundations of instrumental music in worship, organizing them into four pillars: the Psalms, Davidic worship, New Testament implied references, and the Book of Revelation.


Music of Darkness: The Peril of Worshiping the Creation Over the Creator

ISBN: 978-1-63528-134-7

Idolatry is a sin, but can music actually be an idol?

And is musical idolatry only found outside the church, or can it also

be a temptation for Christian believers? Brian Hedrick explores the dynamics of this phenomenon in our modern culture, then proposes a prescription to restore music to its proper biblical perspective.

“To be released from idolatry is crucial for all Christian musicians.”

—Jeremy S. Begbie, Duke Divinity School

“Music of Darkness deals with a vital question every Christian musician encounters at some point: ‘Do I find my identity in my artistic talent and success or in Jesus Christ, who gave me life and talent in the first place?’”

—Joseph R. Crider, Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary



This handbook reflects over thirty years of experience in the instrumental music ministry of the local church. I am offering it as a free download, and pray that God would use it for the furthering of His kingdom's work and worship.

The Instrumental Music Ministry Handbook: A Comprehensive Guide for the Instrumental Music Ministry

This instrumental music ministry handbook is a product of over 30 years in ministry, personally guiding church instrumentalists in the worship of three different churches, and observing the instrumental music ministries of colleagues all over the country. After being trained as a band director, and spending one unfulfilling year directing middle school band, God providentially called me into ministry in 1982 and I never looked back.


Serving in the instrumental music ministry of the church has been one of the most rewarding experiences of my life, but most of it has been a product of “on the job” training. Even though I spent three years getting a seminary degree, after my one and only year as a middle school band director, it didn’t really prepare me for ministry. When I came out of seminary, there were only a handful of full-time instrumental directors around the country, and there were no written resources for instrumental music ministry available. These directors were my resource, along with adapting my limited seminary training and my background in music education.


I am grateful for the annual meetings of the Metro Instrumental Directors Conference, where church instrumental directors from all over the country meet to share ideas and encourage one another. That, along with God’s blessing, and simply figuring it out in my own church environment, contributed to my success in ministry. This handbook is a product of that success, but I cannot take the credit for it. To God be the glory, great things He has done!


Here I Am to Worship with Brethren, We Have Met to Worship - This arrangement couples the contemporary praise song by Tim Hughes with the classic hymn tune in a unique, rhythm driven, playable arrangement. This chart would make a great instrumental call to worship for any service! The Lorenz Corp., Allegis Silver Series.

Emmanuel - A playable arrangement of the Michael W. Smith contemporary Christmas song, as performed by Amy Grant. Perfect opener for your Christmas program! Word Music, Sunday Sounds Series.

Lord, I Lift Your Name on High - A contemporary arrangement of the Rick Founds chorus, in a Latin feel. Lots of fun for your players, and your congregation will be sure to enjoy it also! Word Music, Sunday Sounds Series.

Holy, Holy, Holy - This is an arrangment of the familiar John B. Dykes hymn, with added material from the Largo movement of Antonín Dvořák's New World Symphony. I am offering this arrangement as a free download, in hopes that you will check out the rest of my website. The recording is the Johnson Ferry Orchestra, playing the arrangement in worship in early 2016.

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